Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI S Line S Tronic [Tech Pack] 4dr Automatic [GL]-ex-fleet-car-for-sale

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Please Note. This car may not be kept on-site due to the nature of our product. Please call us to discuss our ex-fleet / ex-rental car sales.


Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI S Line S Tronic [Tech Pack] 4dr Automatic [GL] - 2018/2019

Was: N/A
Now: £ Please Call

Or Call: 01332 290173

Finance options available

We offer a wide range of finance options on this vehicle including Personal Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase and Lease Purchase. Our rates are competitive, please do call us for quotes.

VAT Qualifying Vehicles

The majority of our ex-fleet / ex-rental vehicles are VAT qualifying, please do call us to double check.

Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI S Line S Tronic [Tech Pack] 4dr Automatic [GL]

Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI S Line S Tronic [Tech Pack] 4dr Automatic [GL] is available from Cocoon Group Ltd as an ex-rental/ex-fleet vehicle.  Due to the nature of our products, its highly likely that the vehicle will still be on fleet and we will not know the full condition of the vehicle until its returned.

All vehicles on our ex-fleet/ex-rental stock including this A6 Avant come with the balance of the manufacturers warranty, balance of any applicable roadside assistance and can be delivered anywhere in the UK at cost.


Fueltype: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
No. of Doors: 4dr
MPG Combined: 62.8 mpg
Co2 Emissions: 118 g/km
Bodytype: Estate

Vehicle Overview: This ex-fleet will have been registered 2018/2019 and will be on a 18/68 Plate. Photographs of the vehicle are available before purchase. You can also arrange to view the vehicle at the specified location.

Specification: Technology Pack, Audi Parking System Plus with Front and Rear Sensors, Cruise Control with Speed Limiter, MMI Navigation with MMI Touch, Rear View Camera, DAB Digital Radio, Heated Front Seats

Colours: We have multiple colours available and we tend to run Black, Grey, Silver and White on our fleet. Should you wish our team to look for a specific colour, please do let us know.

Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI S Line S Tronic [Tech Pack] 4dr Automatic [GL]-ex-fleet-car-for-sale

Alternative Ex-Fleet Cars for Sale

Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI S Line S Tronic [Tech Pack] 4dr Automatic [GL]

Due to the nature of our business, this may still be on our fleet. We can give you an estimate of when this vehicle is due back to us.

Usually this vehicle is located at LS12-6AL, should you wish to view the vehicle we always suggest requesting an appointment during opening hours only.

All of our vehicles include a HPI vehicle history check and the balance of the manufacturers warranty.

As the vehicle has been on our fleet we know the full history of the vehicle.

When rental vehicles are returned, we carry out a walk-around condition report and all vehicles are subject to a full inspection carried out by a qualified person.

We only have a small time frame between the vehicle return to agree to purchase the vehicle funder.


Our terms of business for Ex-fleet/Ex-rental Vehicles

1. Welcome to the Terms and Conditions for CarShop (“Agreement”). By entering in to a contract with Us either by face to face transaction at one of Our Places of Business, or transacting using the Cocoon Group Ltd website or any other form of Distance Contract, You agree to abide by this Agreement and by Our Privacy Policy. These are legally binding agreements between You and Us.

2. (a) “We”“Us”“Our” and “Cocoon” shall refer to Cocoon Group Ltd whose registered number is 6113683 and registered office is, The Old Co-operative, 36 Holbrook Road, Belper, DERBYSHIRE, DE56 1PA.

(b) “You” and “Your” shall refer to You personally, being the customer or prospective customer desiring to purchase Goods from Us.

(c) “Goods” are used vehicles supplied by Us plus any ancillary products or services.

(d) “Secured Finance” are facilities arranged on Your behalf by Us, with Your full consent, to provide funding for the purchase of Goods. These take the form of Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase and any other form of funding provided by a Financial Institution that uses the Goods as a form of security.

(e) “Unsecured Finance” are facilities arranged on Your behalf by Us, with Your full consent, to provide funding for the purchase of Goods. These take the form of Personal Loan, Motor Loan and any other form of funding provided by a Financial Institution that does not require any security being invoked on the Goods.

(f) Satisfactory “Merchantable Quality” is defined by the condition of the Goods being at a level that is deemed to be satisfactory and fit for purpose, when consideration is taken for the age and mileage of the Goods. This does not under any circumstances affect Your rights pursuant to the CRA.

(g) “Payment Method” is by Bankers Draft, Credit/Debit card, Bank Transfer or Finance Company Transfer if a Secured Finance or Unsecured Finance agreement is in place. Cash payments in excess of £500 will only be accepted on the sole discretion of Us and may require a satisfactory source of funds verification to be made. Card holder not present transactions will only be accepted up to a value of £1,000 and for payment of a deposit amount only.

(h) “CRA” is the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

(i) “Place of Business” represents any place where We trade with face to face interaction with You and Our Goods are presented for retail to the general public.

(j) “Distance Contract” represents any form of sale conducted by Us to You that does not include any face to face contact from (and including) an initial order being raised on a vehicle until the time of delivery of the Goods at which point Our contract is concluded. In these cases the contract is governed by both the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 and Distance Marketing Regulations 2004 as appropriate.

(k) “Specification” represents the accurate description of the vehicle make model and derivative of the vehicle and any manufacturer fitted feature of the vehicle such as, but not limited to, engine; colour; wheel size; upholstery; equipment or other feature that has a material effect on the valuation of the vehicle.

3. Your privacy is important to UsWe shall keep and use any data relating to You in accordance with the provisions of all relevant data protection legislation in order to process Your order and payment, and (unless You request Us not to do so) to inform Youabout similar products or services that We provide. You may object to receiving this information at any time by going to Our Privacy Policy on Our website or by clicking on the marketing choices link within any email or text sent to You in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

4. 4. In You placing an order it enables Us to remove a vehicle from retail sale to the general public and allocate a reserved status. To do this a deposit is required from You, the amount of the deposit required is subject to variation at the sole discretion of Us and will not be less than £250 per vehicle and typically £500. On receipt of the deposit monies We will remove a vehicle from sale to the general public for a period no longer than 7 days.

(a) If You are reserving a vehicle via the electronic facilities on Our website (or any other url used under license by Us) then We will remove a vehicle from sale to the general public for a period no longer than 5 days and You have an obligation to be in contact with Us via one of Our stipulated methods within 24 hours of placing the reservation. Failure to do so will result in Us acting in good faith in assuming that Your intention is to rescind the transaction. As a result, the vehicle will be removed from reserved status and any monies deposited as cleared funds in Our bank account will be returned, in full, to Your original source of funds.

(b) If You are reserving a vehicle that You have not had the opportunity to inspect, be it either by way of a Distance Contract or if We are requested by You to move a vehicle from one Place of Business to another. You are entitled to a full refund of the deposit monies less any failed appointment charges as defined in clause 11. These monies will be returned by Us by way of manual cheque or if a debit/credit card was used for the original deposit by way of refund to that payment card.

(c) In the event where We fail to arrange Secured Finance or Unsecured Finance for You once You have reserved a vehicle, You are entitled to a full refund of the deposit monies less any failed appointment charges as defined in clause 11. These monies will be returned to You by Us by way of manual cheque or if a debit/credit card was used for the original deposit by way of refund to that payment card.

5. The deposit having been paid upon the placing of an order then the balance payable (or as the case may be, the sum required to complete any initial payment to a Finance Company) is to be paid by You or if applicable the 3rd party Finance Company prior to delivery of the Goods.

6. Delivery of the Goods is to be taken at Our Place of Business within 7 days of notification to You that the vehicle is ready for delivery. The Goods shall remain in Our beneficial ownership until full payment for the goods has been received. The risk in the goods, however, shall pass to You upon delivery. If You request Us to relocate a vehicle from one Place of Business to another We reserve the right to charge You the reasonable costs incurred in completing the transfer, typically being £50. These costs will be notified in writing to You prior to the transfer being made and will be in addition to Your deposit requirements. This transfer charge will be non refundable.

7. Under Distance Contracts and in exceptional circumstance at Our sole discretion We will arrange and agree a delivery to Your fixed place of residence. We may require proof of address to be provided before a delivery is arranged and proof of identity will be required at the point of delivery. In all instances a delivery charge will be made, the amount of which will be determined in line with the distance required to move the vehicle from Our Place of Business to the delivery address. The delivery charge will be communicated prior to completion of the contract and will be subject to VAT.

8. We will use Our best endeavours to secure delivery of the Goods on the desired delivery date or dates in accordance with Clauses 6 and 7, but shall be under no liability whatsoever for loss occasioned by delay in delivery arising out of any cause whatsoever.

9. Not withstanding Your rights defined by clause 4 if You fail to pay and take delivery of the Goods within 7 days of notification that the Goods are available for delivery We shall be at liberty to treat the contract as repudiated by YouWe shall then be entitled to dispose of the Goods and reserve the right to offset and recover from You, by way of damages, any loss or expense including storage and depreciation costs which We may suffer or incur as a result of Your default. These costs will typically be £50 per day up to a maximum in line with Your initial deposit amount paid. The deposit can however be transferred by You in full to another vehicle on Your request at any time within 90 calendar days from the point at which this contract is repudiated.

10. During the purchase of each vehicle, You will have the option to pay an Administration Fee to cover services to enable a smoother transaction for the purchase of the Goods. The Administration Fee will be clearly presented on the Vehicle Sales Order. The Administration Fee covers the following: re-valet of the Goods prior to handover; access to Our IT equipment to facilitate payment and processing of the road fund license for the Goods and/or payment and processing of a plate transfer or retention of a cherished vehicle registration; performing an HPI vehicle provenance check on the Goods which will be provided to You by email; settling by electronic means any outstanding balance on a finance interest on Your part exchange; processing and sending of Your V5 document to the DVLA; introduction to our provider of 5 day HPI drive away insurance to enable You to insure the Goods at no charge; In the event that You do not pay an Administration Fee these services will be withdrawn and You will be expected to provide the following, prior to completion of the sale:

(a) Settling by electronic means any Secured Finance agreement or interest in full on Your part exchange and providing documentary evidence of this.

(b) Where applicable, paying the road fund license for the Goods using Your own IT equipment.

(c) Completing and posting the V5 document for the Goods purchased to the DVLA.

(d) Completing a plate transfer or retention for Your cherished plate using Your own IT equipment.

(e) Ensuring the Goods purchased is insured at Your cost to be driven away by You on the day of handover as opposed to using the 5 day drive away insurance at Our cost.

(f) Organise at Your own expense, suitable recovery of Your Goods in the event of a breakdown to one of Our service centres or a place of Our choosing to facilitate repair activity under the manufacturers warranty.

11. We reserve the right to invoke a Failed Appointment Charge of £100 per instance to compensate Us for costs incurred for a failure by You to meet an agreed appointment made with Us that was previously confirmed in writing (including email). Failed Appointment Charges will be waived should You provide in writing a minimum of 24 hours notice of Your inability to meet the agreed appointment. An appointment includes agreed dates and times to view a vehicle that has been ordered and also appointments to take delivery of the Goods.

12. We do not allow part exchanges against our ex-fleet and ex-rental vehicles at this moment in time.

We can provide you with recommended places to trade in your car which are not connected with ourselves.

13. All external services for selling your vehicle are passed to yourselves to get in touch due to GDPR.

15. We do not offer a price match on our ex-fleet and ex-rental vehicles.

Cocoon Group Ltd offer to all retail (not business/trade) a 7 day Exchange Policy on the purchaseof Your Goods. The 7 Days commence from the day after the date on which delivery takes place and is inclusive of weekends and bank holidays. The 7-Day Exchange Policy is in addition to and does not affect Your statutory consumer rights. It should not be considered as an alternative to Your short term right to reject a vehicle due to a breach of Your core rights at the point of purchase under Your statutory consumer rights. To serve notice of Your intention to utilise this 7-Day Exchange Policy please see clause 20 and it is subject to the following conditions;

(a) There is a duty of care for You to return the Goods in a condition commensurate with that at the time of delivery. We will inspect the goods at the time of return and Wereserve the right, entirely at Our own discretion, to charge You any amounts required to return the Goods to their condition at the time of delivery.

(b) All vehicles returned will be subject to a returns fee of £375 which represents a non-refundable administration fee.

(c) A usage charge will be applied relating to the mileage that the vehicle has been driven under Your ownership, representing the increase in miles during the period between delivery of the vehicle to You and the subsequent return of the vehicle, as evidenced by the odometer at the time of return and the original mileage as documented at the point of delivery. The mileage charge will be;

0-100 Miles Driver – No Charge

100 plus Miles Driven – £150.00 plus £2.50 per each additional mile.

For illustration, a vehicle driven 100 miles will incur no usage charge. A vehicle driven 110 miles would incur a usage charge of £175.00 (£150.00 plus £2.50 x 10 miles).

(d) If We agree to recover the vehicle We reserve the right entirely at Our own discretion to charge a collection fee that will reflect our costs of collection from Our closest Place of Business to Your place of residence. These charges will also be subject to VAT.

(e) The V5 registration document provided with the Goods at time of delivery is returned at the same time as the Goods. If You fail to do so the 7 day Exchange policy under section 16 cannot be exercised in its entirety.

(f) All other documentation provided with the Goods (apart from the V5 registration document) at time of delivery is also returned at the same time as the Goods. If You fail to do so We will request security is provided in accordance with clause 12(g).

(g) An agreed location, date and time for a return or collection of a vehicle will be made in writing between You and Us which will be no more than 5 days from the notification by You of the exchange. If You fail to return the goods at the agreed time We reserve the right to charge a Failed Appointment Charge in accordance with clause 11. Under Distance Contracts the return date will be extended to 14 days from the notification by You of the exchange.

(h) To facilitate the Exchange Policy, We will identify with You a suitable vehicle for Youto exchange Your vehicle for. Where the replacement vehicle is located at a different store to the store You have returned Your vehicle to (or agreed recovery location in accordance with clause 16(d)), then We reserve the right to charge You a non-refundable transfer fee to move the vehicle for viewing prior to acceptance of the exchange.

(i) Once a suitable replacement vehicle has been selected We will transfer to the replacement vehicle any amounts due after adjusting for the returns fee, usage charges or other charges as a deposit on Your replacement vehicle.

(j) You will be liable for any shortfall between the deposit under clause 16(i) and purchase price for the replacement vehicle. Where Your deposit under clause 16(i) exceeds the purchase price for Your replacement vehicle We will refund to You the difference.

(k) We will cancel any additional products You have purchased with Your exchanged vehicle and transfer them to Your replacement vehicle where this is relevant. Where this is not relevant We will cancel the products, and refund You any amounts in line with the relevant terms of those products.

(i) If Your exchanged vehicle was purchased using a line of credit organised by Us then We will work with Your lender to secure a new line of credit to fund Your replacement vehicle. In circumstances where We cannot secure a line of credit for Your replacement vehicle then 7-Day Exchange Policy will be deemed as void.

(m) Where You have successfully invoked the 7-Day Exchange policy, Your replacement vehicle will be exempt from this policy as described in these terms under section 16.

17. You will have the benefit of 14 days to cancel the vehicle purchase if You so wish. The cancellation period starts the day after the day the Goods were delivered to You and finishes 14 days after this date, unless that date is a Saturday, Sunday or UK Bank Holiday in which case it will move the next working day. Notice to exercise this right needs to be provided in accordance with clause 20 and is subject to the same conditions as defined by clause 16(a) – 16(f).

18. Should Your used vehicle be purchased by a Secured Funding or Unsecured Funding method, then You have the additional right to cancel the finance agreement for 14 calendar days commencing from the day following the date of the delivery of Your Goods. However, Your contract with Us is unaffected.

19. None of the ex-fleet / ex-rental cars that we sell will require an MOT until the vehicle is at lease 3 years old.

20. In order to serve notice to Us to invoke Your rights to return Your Goods, make a complaint or any other formal correspondence this needs to be put in writing and sent via recorded delivery for the attention of the Company Director at the address shown on Your invoice or alternatively via email to In Your complaint please make it clear the nature of Your complaint, the store, the registration of Your vehicle (if relevant) and Your contact details.

(a) Our Customer Service team will try to resolve Your concerns as soon as possible, usually before the end of the next working day. If this isn’t possible We will contact You within 5 working days to explain what We are doing and when You can expect a resolution.

(b) Within 8 weeks We will call or write to You either with a final response advising Youof our findings, or an update on our investigations and confirmation of when We expect to be able to provide a final response, if appropriate.

(c) In certain circumstances, if You are unhappy with Our final response or We do not issue You with a final response in writing within 8 weeks of You contacting us with Yourconcerns, You may be able to refer Your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service or an Alternative Dispute Resolution service. Details of Your rights will be provided to You as appropriate in Your case. If You wish to refer Your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, this must be done within 6 months of Our final response letter.

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR
Tel. 0300 123 9123

ADR Service
National Conciliation Service
2-3 Allerton Road
CV23 0PA
Tel. 01788 538317

(d) In Our final response letter We will indicate whether in Our view Your complaint may be suitable for consideration by the Financial Ombudsman Service or Alternative Dispute Resolution Service.

21. Trade/Business purchasers do not qualify for the 7-Day Exchange Policy offered under clauses 16, 17 and 18.

21. Trade/Business purchasers do not qualify for the Distance Selling Regulations.

22. Whilst We try to ensure that all the prices on the Cocoon Group Ltd website and other websites We may use as marketing channels are accurate, errors may occur. If We discover an error in the price of the goods You have ordered We will inform You as soon as reasonably possible. You will then be given the option of re-confirming Your order at the correct price or cancelling Your order with a full refund of any deposit made. If We are unable to contact You using the contact details You provided during the order process, We will treat the order as cancelled and notify You by email. If You decide to cancel Your order after We have informed You of a pricing error and You have already paid for the GoodsWe will give You a full refund as soon as reasonably possible (and in any event within thirty (30) days of cancellation).

23. Cocoon Group Ltd has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the website and other media however;

(a) Manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to improve the specification, design and production of their vehicles and alterations take place continually. Whilst every effort is made by Us to produce up to date product descriptions and specifications, the website and other media should not be regarded as an infallible guide to vehicle products and services, nor does it constitute an offer for the sale of any particular vehicle. Cocoon Group Ltd are not agents of any manufacturer and have absolutely no authority to bind the manufacturers by any express or implied undertaking or representation. Any references to speed or performance should not be taken as an encouragement to drive either dangerously or at speeds in excess of national limits.

(b) All fuel economy figures are in accordance with Directive 93/116/EC. They have been calculated using the same test cycle as used for official exhaust emission classification. They cannot be compared with the previous steady speed/urban figures and are more representative of actual on-road fuel consumption. Under normal use the vehicles actual fuel consumption figures may differ from those achieved through the test procedure, depending on driving technique, road and traffic conditions, environmental factors, and vehicle condition.

(c) We do not guarantee that use of the website will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the website and its servers are free of computer viruses or bugs and strongly recommend that all users ensure that they protect their equipment with the use of firewalls and virus checkers.

24. The terms and conditions above do not abrogate or derogate from the rights afforded to You by the CRA, Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, Distance Marketing Regulations 2004, Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (2008) and all other statutory rights.

25. Cocoon Vehicles Ltd T/A Cocoon Group Ltd, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for consumer credit activities. Our Firm Registration Number (FRN) is 711074.

26. Any dispute regarding this agreement will be governed by English Law and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.