Short Term Leasing is a lot more flexible than traditional leasing!

ShortCarLeases offers a wide range of vehicles from manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW from just 3 months! Imagine changing your car more often than your mobile phone!!! It can be done with our flexible car leasing approach!

All you need to do is:

  • Choose Your Car
  • Choose Your Minimum Term
  • Choose Your Mileage

Its as simple as that! When ready apply online or via the phone and we can deliver your vehicle within 10 working days, sometimes sooner.

When you want to terminate your car or change for another, give us 28 days notice and we’ll arrange collection or a new vehicle.

Our service is great for a wide variety of consumers and companies, especially those businesses that need to take on a member of staff but are unsure wheter or not it will work out.

For more information, please use the numbers below!


Short Term Leases
Part of Cocoon-Group Ltd

The Old Co-operative, 36 Holbrook Road, Belper, DE56 1PA
Tel: 0330 330 9425 – Fax: 0845 226 7750